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Limits only exist in your head


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Thomas Kerner

Carmen Kerner

our mission

Putting visions into practice for the benefit of our world, all people, animals and Mother Earth

“We make the world a little Besser"

This is our goal that we want to achieve in all our projects. The founders and owners of the Kerner Group are Thomas and Carmen Kerner, a community for 28 years in private and for over 25 years also in business. Many challenges have never dissuaded us from our goal and allow us to grow. We and our team give our best for you and our world every day. Together we are strong, that applies to every form of relationship, if the whole thing is positive for everyone involved, all the better.

Kerner Group is a spiritual holistic center that focused on guiding and supporting people on their spiritual journey. The center offers a variety of services tailored to the individual needs of each client. 

The Kerner Group has set itself the goal of improving people's lives and helping them on their way to support self-realization.

Kerner Group offers spiritual mentoring to accompany and support people on their spiritual journey. The goal is to help people to understand the current quality of time and to awaken their own creative power.

Our projects

Transparent Logo

Come with us on an adventure, on your own journey.


Go paths that no one else has gone before you, because it is the journey to your true "being"


Recognize potential, develop it lovingly and let it work powerfully.

In a center for holistic health, man and nature are reunited

Arme Kinder lachen


Realizing visions for the good of our world.

For a beautiful future


The house of the new time



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