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Everything is frequency

Frequencies are vibrations or waves that exist in nature and in the universe. Everything in our world, including our thoughts, emotions, and bodies, has a specific frequency. It is believed that these frequencies can also have an impact on our spiritual awareness.

In the spiritual community it is often said that higher frequencies come with an increased state of consciousness. These higher frequencies are often referred to as "raised vibrations" or "light frequencies". They are believed to assist us in connecting to our higher selves, to spiritual dimensions and to a higher power.

When we are in a low frequency range we can potentially feel alienated from our spiritual nature. Low frequencies can be associated with anxiety, stress, negativity and disharmony. They can prevent us from realizing our full spiritual power and potential.

On the other hand, higher frequencies such as love, compassion, joy and gratitude can expand our spiritual awareness and bring us into a state of harmony and balance. These higher frequencies can help us connect with our inner wisdom, intuition and spiritual guidance.

There are several ways to raise our frequencies and expand our spiritual awareness. One way is to surround yourself with positive and inspiring people and environments. Listening to soothing music, practicing meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices can also help raise our frequencies.

It is important to note that every human being has a unique frequency and that there is no "right" or "wrong" frequency. Everyone has their own spiritual journey and their own way of connecting with the divine. It's about finding the frequencies that resonate most with us personally and help us expand our spiritual awareness.

The effects of frequencies on our spiritual consciousness is a fascinating and complex subject. There are many different approaches and theories about this. It is important to keep an open mind and use our own experience and intuition to explore how frequencies can affect our spiritual growth.

Would you like to get in touch with the spirit world so that you can learn more about yourself, about yourself and your life here on earth? 

would you like to get in touch with the spirit world so that you can learn more about yourself, about yourself and your life here on earth? 



Many people are searching for the meaning of life and why they sometimes experience so many challenges and difficulties.


Something I know from many years of working with the spirit world is that you will find the answers there that you will not find in the "material" world.


Allow the spirit world to help you experience your life with more ease, joy and meaning.


They can show you why some things are the way they are and, above all, how you can make big, decisive positive changes in your life. 


And I can tell you: It works!


If you have found a stable connection to the spirit world, then you can receive and interpret their messages more easily.


You then recognize how your higher self, your spirit guides, your parallel incarnations and much more from the spirit world communicates with you.


It's like talking to good friends who are always there for you. 


I couldn't have imagined that before.


Today I know how much my life has changed as a result and I see it again and again in my participants: how everything suddenly fits together! ✨


It's like a jigsaw puzzle, where a new piece is added over and over again, creating a large, beautiful picture.


The pieces of the puzzle just appear in the form of people, events or ideas and a wonderful picture emerges, your new life. 


If you also want to use this connection to the spirit world for your life, then join us. Do you have any questions? 


Book your free initial consultation here:

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