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Are you looking for pure borax in first-class quality? Ideally water soluble? Then we have good news for you. You can now buy the absolute insider tip borax (sodium tetraborate) from us - in practical powder form and first-class food quality. Without empty fillers.

What is boron/borax?

Boron is a basic trace element that occurs naturally in many soils and is absorbed by plants. For them it is an important micronutrient that they need to be able to grow. Unfortunately, industrial agriculture has severely taxed most soils, resulting in the loss of many valuable nutrients. Today the boron content is almost completely used up in most regions and it is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to cover the daily requirement through food. The sodium salt of boric acid is also known as borax (sodium tetraborate).

The trace element boron is also present everywhere in your body. The highest concentration is in the parathyroid gland, followed closely by bone, tooth enamel and the brain. 

With borax we can - as one of the few manufacturers worldwide - guarantee your borax food supplement in pharmacologically purified food quality.

Borax Powder Laboratory tested purity. Engineered for you.


We always use ingredients of proven quality for all our products. Finding food-grade borax is not easy, however. Because we are big borax fans ourselves, we took on the problem: After an exciting experimental phase, we finally developed a purification process that enables us to produce borax as food. 

Now we can rightly say: Waldkraft's borax is one of the few approved food-grade borax products on the market - specially developed for you. Our borax powder from Waldkraft is

  • approved in food quality

  • pure powder (purity level of 99.9%)

  • particularly finely ground

  • water soluble

  • without fillers

  • vegan and gluten free

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Discover high-quality nutritional supplements


Here you will find a constantly growing selection of selected products that can offer valuable help in supporting your well-being. If you have ordered from us more than once, you already know our valuable quality. And you know that we not only develop all our products in cooperation with therapists, but also produce them to the highest quality and have them checked by independent laboratory tests.



Application recommendation


We recommend a daily dose of 50 mg (8 scoops) of borax powder. A portion of borax thus contains 5.5 mg boron. The food-grade powder is readily soluble in water. You can easily stir it into water or plant-based milk.




100% sodium borate in the form of pure disodium tetraborate decahydrate (borax)




70 grams or 380 grams (water soluble, food grade)






Zeolite as an independently tested product in pharmacy quality

Author: Zeolite Bentonit Versand, updated: 07/16/2021

Zeolite clinoptilolite helps detoxify the body from heavy metals

Zeolite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock and the only component in ZeoliteMED.  In the form of powder and capsules, it can be used to detoxify the body and relieve the liver. ZeoliteMED is an independently tested product for long-term oral use in humans.
The active principle of zeolite is adsorption. Zeolite is indigestible and can selectively bind toxins such as certain heavy metals in the human gastrointestinal tract on its porous, spongy surface. The toxins bound to the zeolite in the gastrointestinal tract are thus discharged from the body via the intestines before they are absorbed through the intestines. The toxins include heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, toxins such as ammonium and allergens such as histamine. The effectiveness and safety of zeolite under the brand name ZeoliteMED has been tested and confirmed by independent, external laboratories.

Clinoptilolite zeolite: 100 percent natural

You can get clinoptilolite zeolite from us as ZeoliteMED Detox powderultra fine powder and in capsulen and as natural cosmetics ZeoliteMED skin cream and toothpaste. For beginners and anyone who would like to try natural detoxification with clinoptilolite zeolite and bentonite for the first time, we offer the Trial Set Detox POWDER and Trial set Detox POWDER ultrafine on. Our ZeoliteMED is a 100 percent pure natural mineral of volcanic origin that is free of nanoparticles and is supplied without any other additives or admixtures.
Do you have any questions? Answers to frequently asked questions about detoxification with zeolite, bentonite and ZeoBent can be found in our FAQs.

Buy zeolite as powderultra fine powdercapsule or natural cosmetics?

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