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AURA READING individual session 60 min.

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Aura Reading Learn more about yourself and see your own aura live in motion! With the unique Inneractive Healy system! In this consultation with our aura experts you will learn more about yourself and your energy: You can see your own energy field just as clairvoyant people can! You will learn important things about yourself and the energies you generate from our aura experts! You can observe your dynamic chakras in their respective size, color and intensity! You will receive important information about your weaknesses and strengths as well as valuable tips for your aura type! A detailed analysis and evaluation of your individual chakras and the energetic aura can improve your life. Including an analysis of your emotional world! With energy measurement of individual areas of life: Intellectual activity, energy levels in different areas of life, polarity balancing, energy distribution in body, mind and soul, degree of relaxation or stress, dynamics of the individual chakras and much more.

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