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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical principle that states that people draw events, situations, and people into their lives through their thoughts and feelings. In short: "Like attracts like". 

The Law of Attraction has become very popular within the New Age movement, but it is also found in other spiritual practices and worldviews, including the esoteric teachings of Yoga, Buddhism and Taoism. It assumes that everything in the universe is energy and that every thought and feeling radiates an energy that affects the universe. 

This means that when we focus on something, visualize it in our mind with emotional intensity and conviction, and speak positively about it, the universe responds. We attract energies that align with our thoughts and emotions, and so we attract people, situations, and things into our lives that move us forward and make us happy.

However, the Law of Attraction doesn't only work in one direction, it can also amplify negative emotions and thoughts and thus attract more negative events into life. Therefore, it is especially important to maintain a positive, optimistic attitude and focus on what you want to achieve.

The visualization and the creation of vision boards, which symbolize the goal in the form of pictures, colors and affirmations, have a supporting effect. Because when we regularly focus on and connect with our goals, then we are able to achieve what we desire. 

However, the Law of Attraction does not mean that we simply passively wait for wishing and visualizing until it is accomplished. We also need to take action ourselves to live the life we want. We must act to manifest the things we care about. 

In summary, the law of attraction is an important concept to live a happy and successful life. It helps us focus on the positive things in life and stay focused on our progress. However, it also requires action and an active role in life to manifest our desires.

Many people are searching for the meaning of life and why they sometimes experience so many challenges and difficulties.


Something I know from many years of working with the spirit world is that you will find the answers there that you will not find in the "material" world.


Allow the spirit world to help you experience your life with more ease, joy and meaning.


They can show you why some things are the way they are and, above all, how you can make big, decisive positive changes in your life. 


And I can tell you: It works!


If you have found a stable connection to the spirit world, then you can receive and interpret their messages more easily.


You then recognize how your higher self, your spirit guides, your parallel incarnations and much more from the spirit world communicates with you.


It's like talking to good friends who are always there for you. 


I couldn't have imagined that before.


Today I know how much my life has changed as a result and I see it again and again in my participants: how everything suddenly fits together! ✨


It's like a jigsaw puzzle, where a new piece is added over and over again, creating a large, beautiful picture.


The pieces of the puzzle just appear in the form of people, events or ideas and a wonderful picture emerges, your new life. 


If you also want to use this connection to the spirit world for your life, then join us. Do you have any questions? 


Book your free initial consultation here:

Would you like to get in touch with the spirit world so that you can learn more about yourself, about yourself and your life here on earth? 

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