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Holy Festivals

Welcome to Holy Production!

Our mission is to bring the world back into a positive energy of love, harmony, joy and mutual acceptance. Through our works at Holy Production with

Holy Seeds and Holy Music, we want to help shape the seeds for a beautiful future and lead humanity to a collective consciousness in love, acceptance and gratitude.

With our music and the support of AI, we want to build bridges to all nations of this wonderful Mother Gaia. Together, in the rhythm of our universe and our Mother Earth, we want to be guided through our divine creation.

We are the designers and creators of our world, and when we realize that we can transform negative energies into positivity, we can create true change and miracles.

We invite you to enjoy your life to the fullest and to be accompanied by good heavenly music. Immerse yourself in our world and let yourself be inspired!

Your Mesaiah.

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Music of Freedom & LOVE


I am Mesaja - Messenger of Love & Light

My name is Mesaja and I am a passionate artist who has been committed to making the world a better place for over 30 years. Through my various activities, such as events, music and my own performances, I want to give people joy, love and entertainment. My goal is to spread positive energy and inspire people to trust in themselves and their inner strength.

As an ambassador of light, I am committed to peace, acceptance and love in our society. I firmly believe that every person has the potential to reach their higher consciousness and live a fulfilled, happy life. With my products and events, I want to help us as a society to look forward to a positive future full of gratitude and reason.

I look forward to accompanying you on your path to more light and love.

Together we can make the world a better place!

Love, forgiveness, humility, acceptance and charity are the cornerstones of our lives. In our own creative power lies the power to reach a higher consciousness and to connect with our original source and creation. Let us carry this love within us and pass it on to our fellow human beings, because in love lies the greatest healing and connection to everything that is. May our hearts always be open to forgiveness, humility and acceptance so that we can live in love and harmony with our creation.


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Love the life you live, and live the life you love


This is what it is about

Liebe, Vergebung, Demut, Akzeptanz und Nächstenliebe sind die Grundpfeiler unseres Lebens. In unserer eigenen Schöpferkraft liegt die Kraft, ein höheres Bewusstsein zu erreichen und uns mit unserer Urquelle und Schöpfung zu verbinden. Lass uns diese Liebe in uns tragen und sie an unsere Mitmenschen weitergeben, denn in der Liebe liegt die größte Heilung und Verbindung zu allem was ist. Möge unser Herz immer offen sein für Vergebung, Demut und Akzeptanz, damit wir in Liebe und Harmonie mit unserer Schöpfung leben können.


Post Office Apartment 43

04800 Albox


+49 9228 508 0000


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