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Our vision

Our vision is a world that lives in love, harmony, community, health, peace, abundance and freedom. It is the state bestowed on us from the primal source.


Everyone is free to decide what they want to do, be and have.


The freedom to be and live as you want.

The love he gives to every person, animal and nature.

The harmony of the soul and the community that arises from it.

Peace is a normal state that doesn't really need to be mentioned.

Abundance in everything you have and do will make the world shine brightly.

Health that is given to everyone and is completely natural.

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Eltern mit Kind
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Center for Holistic Health

You want to help us?
You offer services, products, help that fit us perfectly?
Get it contact with us.

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Dear friends of the Kerner Group,

we would like to invite you to support us in our humanitarian project "Kerner Group / Lights of Love".

We are planning a center for holistic health, a topic that is very important to us and would like to help people to bring body, mind and soul back into harmony.

Of course we would like to establish such a center physically in one place in this world, or maybe even in several places. However, this is a very cost-intensive undertaking and cannot be realized overnight.

Therefore, this project is currently being implemented online with our website "Lights of Love". It is a network for services, products and topics related to holistic health.


It is the first implementation of this topic and the physical local implementation is to follow, but we need support for this.

For us, support means not only monetary donations, but also support in the form of:

  • Services you offer

  • Products that you develop and sell

  • knowledge in all forms

  • drive, know-how

  • Maybe you have the right property and opportunity for such a project

  • any support you can think of that we haven't mentioned yet

Do you feel addressed?

Then get in touch with us and let's talk. 

We look forward to you

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our mission

Recognize potential, develop it lovingly and let it work powerfully.


Conscious people are our future. Children are the makers of tomorrow and we are committed to making the world more beautiful, stronger and fairer for the times to come.

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Glückliches Mädchen
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