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Hello, I'm Jeannette


I saw the light of day in 1976


Am I a spiritual early bloomer or late bloomer, I often ask myself this question.

In any case, unconsciously an early bloomer, because of nature and my connection to the earth

was very important to me from an early age. Also mental abilities like clairvoyance and

Sensitivity was simply given to me and was never seen as something special,

but are simply a part of me, like breathing and my being.


The unity with nature, especially the relationship to fauna and flora, is very important to me and I feel the energy

given to us by Mother Earth, very strong.


I notice it extremely here in a new environment and a monumentally beautiful nature in Andalusia, our new place to live, since 2022.


I am an empathetic person and have therefore always enjoyed working with people and cannot imagine working without contact with people or animals.

In our team, I mainly take care of the first customer contact and the processes behind the scenes, which unfortunately also belong to the course of a company. The selection of products for our online shop also includes

with me in my area of responsibility.

Jeanette Treuheid

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