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Hello dear soul

Welcome to Lights of Love  – a place of spiritual inspiration and deep connection with the universe. We invite you to embark on a journey to discover your truth and strengthen your connection to the divine. By focusing on our inner source of knowledge and wisdom, we can gain deeper insights into ourselves and the world around us. Through our community of like-minded people, we will grow together in love and perseverance and find our true purpose in life.

We invite you to join us and let the light of love shine in your life.


Do you also feel called
new ways to go that still
no one else has ever gone before you?

You don't have the flow you want yet?

We accompany you in the energy of implementation and the realization of your very personal soul plan.


We offer decades of experience, expertise and professionalism.


With us you are never alone, because we accompany you with heart and show you new methods,  that bring you into your own soul frequency.

In tune with your soul frequency, many doors open alone and

it brings you into the magic of the positive attraction of abundance. 

For artists, reformers, do-gooders and individualists.


It often takes courage to break new ground and what ends up happening

What is waiting for you is the great inner freedom and, above all, the awareness of the power and greatness that is appearing in you.


Are you interested in developing a deeper connection or awareness of yourself and your life?

This process can also be called spiritual growth. There are different forms of spirituality, which is also due to the fact that everyone experiences this "spiritual search" individually. For example, some find them in prayer, meditation, yoga, rituals or ceremonies. For others, being spiritual means searching for meaning in life. At the same time, however, it can also be a source of inspiration, or promote inner peace, empathy and love for yourself and your fellow human beings. Simply book a free consultation with us, in which we will show you exactly where you stand and how you can steer your life positively again.

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Spiritual Counseling, and
coaching you are looking for

Discover your spiritual side with astrology, tarot, modern rituals or rediscovered mystical practices. Our spiritual coaches will help you find your inner strength and bring positive changes into your life.


Astrology & horoscopes

What do the stars and planets mean for your life? Unlock all the secrets of your natal chart and dive into the universe of astrology!

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Clairvoyance & fortune telling

are you ready for your destiny Discover the incredible fascination of the universe.


Make a whole new experience with us.



Your self-determination, hidden talents to finally live your dream.

We accompany you in the new beginning!

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