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energy transmission

energy transfer

Activation of the new chakras and the light body

Harness the new energy and gain access to the highest levels of vibration.


Monthly membership fee 77 euros

 4 x energy transfer via zoom

The Atlantean 12 Chakra System


1. Erdenstern / Earth Star

The earth star chakra is located about 20 cm below the soles of your feet and helps you to anchor yourself firmly in the earth.

It vibrates at the frequency of the Earth, so your energy body easily aligns with the rise in vibration.

Archangel Sandalphon is associated with the Earth Star. You can call upon him at any time to assist you in grounding.

2. Root Chakra/Base Chakra

The lower chakras stand for the learning tasks and the shadow themes of your life. The theme of the root chakra is basic trust in you and in this earth. As such, it is important to pay special attention to the lower chakras in order to ground yourself firmly in the earth and not just deal with the upper chakras in order to attain enlightenment.

The original red color has changed to platinum. Check for yourself which color you tend to resonate with.

Archangel Gabriel is responsible for the root chakra. You can ask him for support to cleanse and also activate this chakra.

3. Sacral Chakra/Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra supports you in relationships and in expressing your love in any form.

There are traumas and injuries here, also old wounds about the ancestral line.

Originally its color was orange, now it swings in a light pink.

This chakra is also associated with Archangel Gabriel.

4. Navel Chakra (Orange)

The navel chakra is located on the hara point.

It connects us to the energy field of every other being on earth and is responsible for a global sense of unity. The navel chakra ensures that the incarnated members of your soul family find you. It also helps you to recognize them.

The angel responsible for this chakra is also Archangel Gabriel.


5. Solar Plexus/ Solar Plexus Chakra


The solar plexus chakra stores frustration, anger and fear. It is also responsible for the wisdom of your "gut feeling" that warns you of wrong decisions and dangers. By cleaning it more often, you can say goodbye to your fears, both your own and those you have inherited. It retains this function in the 5th dimension as well.
Archangel Uriel is responsible for the solar plexus chakra.

Ask him to cleanse it of invisible energetic bands and attachments.

6. Heart Chakra

It is directly connected to the Cosmic Heart, in conjunction with Christ Consciousness it can hold more light and accelerate your ascension process.

Archangels Chamuel, Christiel and Mariel are responsible for the five dimensional heart chakra.


7. Throat Chakra


The throat chakra of the New Era has also retained its basic role, but has taken on a significantly higher vibration. Do not underestimate the power and power of sound and voice and strive to speak your truth with love and mindfulness.

The throat chakra is accompanied by Archangel Michael.


8. Brow Chakra / Third Eye / Third Eye


The brow chakra acts as a projector to bring your thoughts and ideas into the world. Since manifestation processes take place much faster in the current time energy, it is now even more important to keep your thoughts positive.

The brow chakra is associated with Archangel Raphael.


9. Crown chakra/ Crown


The crown chakra has increased its vibration in the 5th dimension but has changed its original function.

It is now responsible for relaying messages directly from your High Soul for you.

The more it expands, the more it activates light codes in your energy field that you have prepared and need for your life plan.

Archangel Jophiel supports the crown chakra.

10. Causal Chakra/ Causal


The causal chakra connects you to the qualities of the moon and your feminine aspects. It connects you to the energies of the spiritual world, such as the angelic and unicorn realms.

It helps you to open yourself to higher knowledge.

Archangel Christiel is responsible for this chakra.


11. Soul Star Chakra/ Soul Star


Your fifth dimensional soul star chakra is the second of the

12 main chakras. It is about 40 cm above your head and

vibrates in the color magenta.

This chakra gives you access to all your spiritual gifts and talents that you have acquired throughout your existence. It equates to your Akashic and Higher Self.

If the soul star chakra is fully open and activated, you can download these talents and knowledge into your current life and integrate them for your benefit. The Soul Star is still your portal to the Halls of Amenti.

The chakra is accompanied by the Archangels Zadkiel and Mariel.


12. Stargate Chakra/ Stellar Gateway


The chakra is about 5 feet above your head.

Its main task is to receive and channel very high frequencies of light and information of higher dimensions.

When you work with this chakra, be sure to ground yourself well via the Earth Star afterwards.

Archangel Metatron cleanses this chakra.

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Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out. Let your mind rest and focus on your breath. As you breathe in and out, imagine that you are surrounded by a bright, white light. This light passes through you and radiates out to completely surround you.

Visualize this light as a resilient, alive and cleansing energy that makes your inner being radiant and vigorous. By fully immersing yourself in this light and allowing it to envelop you, your mind can become still and empty of all stress, fear, worry and doubt.

As you delve deeply into this meditative state, begin to focus on the light itself and imagine it as a beautiful and peaceful presence. It gives you a feeling of security, joy and light-heartedness. Let this light guide and guide you as you focus on your inner needs.

Feel this light rejuvenate your senses and detach you from the earth before lifting you into the pure environment. Feel the light connecting you with every fiber of your being and allow that feeling to embrace you and envelop you.

Meanwhile allow all destructive thoughts and energies to leave your body and let them dissipate as they meet the light. Do not be afraid of your negative thoughts, perceive them and let them disappear with the cleansing power of the light. Allow the light to remove all remnants of it from within you.

Next, become aware of your own inner beauty, strength and clarity. Feel the Light strengthening these inner qualities within you and radiating them out to the world around you. Radiate these qualities into the world now and share the peace and love you feel within.

End this meditation by feeling deep within and looking out at the world from this new perspective. Feel the stillness and peace you have experienced within and let this positive energy flow into your activities of the day so that you can apply it to your interactions with others and your actions.

Keep the light burning in your heart even when the meditation ends and use it whenever you feel stressful and anxious moments in everyday life. The more often you practice this type of meditation, the more you will find inner strength, serenity and joy in your life.

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