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My story

My light work for humanity

My spiritual awakening and the recognition of my light in 2012 created a deep desire in me to help people to reach their perfect and luminous being, because igniting our own light enables us to rise collectively, there are many ways and means to get there to get there and there are some building blocks that will make this happen faster.

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Everything is frequency means everything that exists consists of oscillations, vibration and frequency and our matter makes up a very small part of it. Wisdom gives us thatPossibilities Attracting things into our lives that  we always havehe dreams have. MIt has always been the desire for freedom, abundance and love and I think pretty much every person on this planet has these desires.

Through my connection to the spiritual world, I was led to the Healy, this small frequency device enables us to better understand and integrate our topics, it reads this information about us via the quantum field and there is the possibility of using this frequency again to bring balance. Because our body is only the expression of our spiritual consciousness, it serves me as a tool to get directly to these points of the respective person and to dissolve them   in order to bring the body and mind back into harmony and balance!

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