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The epidote has its good reputation as a healing stone for the soul from a time when depression was still called melancholy. Today, depression can be treated effectively, but the healing stone is still a supportive element for anyone suffering from depression. The epidote is also the healing stone that is supposed to help you cope better with loneliness. It has a mood-enhancing effect on everyone who is suffering and protects against too much self-pity. People who give up too soon and give up too quickly should always carry an epidote that can give them courage and perseverance.

Many wish to appear more self-confident, they want to be more resilient and strive for greater inner harmony. The green healing stone can help with all these problems, perhaps even as a pretty gemstone or as a hand charm that fits in your pocket. The stone is also ideal when it comes to relaxation after a long and stressful day at work.


There are many different possible uses for the epidote.A good idea is to put the stone in the water overnight and then use this water as a "bath additive" to relax in the warm bath water after a hard day. The water of the healing stone can also strengthen the organs and the immune system, which is always an advantage in winter. People suffering from childhood trauma or other mental health issues should either wear the epidote as a gemstone or place the stone on their foreheads.

Many healing stones are ideal for meditation, the epidote is one of them. If you want to meditate with the stone, you can either hold it in your hand or set it up in your room. Not only does it bring the hoped-for peace of mind, the healing stone can also help you get a different perspective on things. For example, someone who sees the law in his or her own after a dispute is able to understand the attitude of the other person through the epidote. This makes it easier to have a conciliatory and clarifying conversation.


Our stones come from Morocco

Epidote (approx. 10 pieces)

SKU: 0011
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