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Reading your aura & Chakras and 7 days upswing, including analysis as a PDF.

Easily analyze and harmonize blockages in the information field.

In the Healy's aura analysis function, different energy levels of the chakras can be scanned and analyzed. There are also indications of possible emotional or energetic blockages.

The Healy has a quantum sensor, so it can detect frequencies, scan them and send them to a person remotely. Each person has a specific resonance frequency, which can be located and scanned by the Healy and corresponding healing, harmonic frequencies can be sent.



Please send me via whatsapp: Your full name, your address, your date of birth and your e-mail address as well as a photo of you. Your face and shoulders should be visible in the photo.
After that I will do an aura analysis for you and the result will swing up for you in 7 days.

Healy Aura Analysis

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