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For us, holistic health is the natural path to one healthy body that is in balance.


The body is a masterpiece of nature!

He's naturally in Balance.

In a sick body, the balance is imbalanced.

Unfortunately, today it is the case that almost everyone is affected. For a long time, you may not feel anything because the body is always trying to take appropriate measures.

At some point, however, the body is no longer able to balance everything. Over time, poisoning has accumulated on one side.

Normally, the body can break down and transport a lot. But for this we have to feed our body accordingly. Unfortunately, the nutrient content of our food is decreasing more and more.

Then there is the burden of residues of antibiotics in the rearing of animals, whose meat we then eat again!


Animals should live in harmony with us not serve as food.


In drinking water there are often residues from old pipes, artificial fertilizers from farmland that get into the groundwater and there are often still drug residues in our drinking water that cannot be cleaned by sewage treatment plants.


All of this means that the body no longer has enough reserves, i.e. a lack of the necessary vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and trace elements. The environment in the body deteriorates more and more. This means that due to deficiency symptoms, the body breaks down more and more and thus builds fewer healthy cells and hardly has the power to heal itself!

Naturopathy, also known as physiatry, assumes that natural elements can have a positive effect on human health – in the long term.


Natural substances with a healing effect include, for example, light in the form of solar radiation, air and water.

Medicinal plants and minerals are just as popular.

These are intended to prevent the development of diseases and to gently alleviate and combat existing symptoms.


People have to learn to live in harmony with nature again.


Nature is protected and honored in its perfection and is fully integrated into this project as a source of food.


Together with all residents, we will promote nature, grow vegetables and fruit, plant herbs, maybe also corn, nuts. The management of nature serves both to protect nature and to provide for our needs. It is important and, above all, healing to learn, cultivate and live this.


Nature simply has to be appreciated more than it unfortunately all too often is nowadays. Children should naturally learn to appreciate and love nature.

Naturopathy offers numerous treatment methods that represent an alternative or supplement to conventional medicine.


"Natural therapies" are considered to be better tolerated by the human body.


Which naturopathic therapies are planned in this project?


1. Meditation and inner peace


2. Center for seminars and lectures (such as botany, natural building materials, etc.)


3. Energetic cleansing and healing


4. Spiritual therapies


5. Spirituality for children and parents


In addition, nature plays a fundamental role for us.


We humans are living beings.

Like all living beings, we belong to nature.

We need nature to live

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